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Update Sept 16/2021 - that bogus bug is getting way scary not the bug, the officials and their we want all of you locked up! well it's going to die out eventually or else. Nope, not imagining and predicting here and not being 'remote guided by the wannabe sister Miss Susan aka Mrs Gordon Scott', either..

Update Sept 12/2021 still being abused ...trying to get some legality on it...heard they had it as if arrested and as if done by judge. How outrageous is that? Bad enough they glommed on, messed it up, put themselves in, instead. I still work intel, had the 2 camo stealth that went with Ebrahim. See; There Be Rax II' link on homepage, free pdf.  '

Update Sept 3/2021 -oh just typical deep ops stuff you know, not allowed to run that, someone get them  W#$RFG

Update Aug 25, 2021 - First, wow can you believe it, they're still running fake relatives, swammies is them!  want me 'trussed as a kirillian spider/witch' how bogus is that. Ontario is ready to hang herr Trudeau! good one. Harjit you're on your way out ,you too Jagmeet, Singh Singh on top of someone else.  This is not a Missionary nor other Religious ops. No relatives are involved here at all in any way. Some error was worked in, since the relatives were doing TM. There is no Transcendental Meditation here.

*Please Note: Some of the relatives and a few already known tertiary were being misled, there is nothing for them here, I am a trained Deep Black Stealth; psychic Precognition & psychic empathy, Solo ops.


There is no Linguistics, not a language, no TM no meditation, no judo, no martial arts, no magic, no witches or supernatural, no devils or demons, no black magic, no evil eye, no mysterious genie, no catalyst and no manifestation, no telekinetics, no flying planes with the mind.

The mental telepathy is just advanced tech mind to mind user to battlefield communication like a cell phone without hardware, developed by the Military,  and known as 'silent talk'.

This ops is not academic, not a sex ops, no quirking, not Daz Smith's remote viewed, I'm not arrested, and not Ed Dames' predicts or O'donnell's vibing, no song, nor is what we do here for intel and with intel, anything to do with marijuana or any other drugs.

These are trained ESP codes and not the old remote viewer's material or skill set, as this ops uses Quantum 5d principles. Not something you just glom onto to do or get to be trained to do just by wanting to be it or by other means ie: payment,  bribes or blackmail....

My work on Quantum 5d was done by myself, with no other input other than reading material at CERN on 5d, some brief comments with others also working on Quantum, with their own material, such as Dr. Rudolph v.b. Rucker. Involving, solo, my own decades of original painting and creative work on Hypershift Visuals. Along with of course, the basics in University Math, Physics, and Astronomy..

The older work I did on hyper-shift visuals (note 'hyper' is a relic from the past, your pc uses html hyper text mark up language and http is hyper text transfer protocol, not much is called 'hyper' these days) was done by myself in 1983 in Barrie, Ont.  prior to desktop computers. You can read about it in 'Star Script' by First Viewer 5th D aka 1st 5th aka Zombie Rat. Also, this is not connected to Nasa or any academic programs. 

Remote Intel aka Quantum Plunge, Deep Black 'stealth' ops is a gruelingly trained, SOLO OPS, takes years of solid ESP training, by the Military and other security & intel. The training is internal and extreme, not anything to do with speed or stopping film fast. Unfortunately, error was worked in and it needs to be separated out.ie: the relatives are not 'quirking'  or 'guiding' anything. That's just silly! Thanks for your forbearance while this is being looked into and corrected.


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neither miss susan nor remote viewed are 'guiding' me, again, this is a highly trained SOLO ops.
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psst...no one mentioned anything about Witches to Miss Susan aka Mrs Gordon Scott
...we are NOT biological Twins, just Fraternal means born same time only; Susan was premature in an incubator
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I have idiopathic scoliosis, with Harrington rods and extensive spinal fusion by surgeon; none of the relatives is 'me'. As the excerpt below shows, I use both sides of my brain, as a result of the symmetry that is off for my spine but shows as more symmetrical in my brain. Using both sides of the brain is not common but not unheard of.

Means I am straight up and down, very straight the surgery was cosmetic mostly, fixed outside not inside. Their hitting me pounding me 'over' is horrific torture to me. They call it a truss. It's illegal what they are doing. One leg is pulled to the point it could rupture, pulls the hip. They were told to stay off of it after a Dr. was sending me for hip xrays, it's not my hip. That particular abuse was stopped. Started up again just lately of course after it was healing back to normal. 

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Below is my Grade 3 report card, with straight As, I also had one for another year. Later,  in University I had many 100s and close to it. In Math and Astronomy assignments. I could put them up here for you to see, but really people that's totally under get a life. Update Aug 18/2021 they needed some up. see below. 


 This after a 17 year leap out of school and admitted into Science at the U of A without prerequisites, by the Chairman of the Math Dept based on my own creative work on hypershift visuals (old term). Then using my marks gained as Unclassified student, I was allowed to use them as credits in the Bach. of Science I was admitted into after them. Math, Calculus, Algebra, Physics, Astronomy. Good for some basics.


Did the Leap to Quantum in 2005, after a year of self taught on computer; picked up by Military in 2006 for training as the new Stargate. Now, working Remote Intel. The 'Stargate' tag was destroyed by phonies online. No problem. Quantum Plunge it is!  

Point is, this was along with over 25 years, now longer than that, painting full time as a Creative Artist. Both sides of the brain. And it's useful for the Psychic training and Remote Viewing and Intel I was trained to do afterwards


This is not an Academic Program here, and I am certainly not any layman. The tips on Quantum 5d are derived from years of painting daily and great discernment using applied Quantum principles. Space/Time/Light v>c and t=0..


The British Royals need to move what they are doing with my relatives, to somewhere else. Right now it's frankly just intrusive and obstruction. And personally I don't think it's fair to those relatives to mislead them. They are most certainly NOT part of this Deep Black Ops. Nor are they me.


They as in the powers that be, in at this, covering it over, and in stealing work and credit not letting it go public properly, want Miss Susan the Grade 3 Teacher. Doing small children. Great, only this ops is trained to hunt super bad guys, and it's certainly not anything you would have near or for kids.


I have University Astronomy, they're doing what with Miss Susan and the other Fraudulent relatives, Astrology at best!  This was the Open Stargate and Stargate Recon for many years until these morons wrote themselves in. Likely for loot as well as kudos for themselves. You going to space with Astrology or Astronomy? Quantum theory she wrote over instead as Philosophical Science. There is no such thing. Even their phoney is phoney! 

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Sad if you ask me, that I would have to put up old school work ....here, below, are some marks from University Calculus 204. I'll put up my good Astronomy marks later for you all to go wowsy over. I took University Astronomy, with my 8 out of 9 final mark; Graham Gerry did not take it, ever.


Gosh you can't make this up. Now they're saying my work was done with Graham Gerry the ex hubby #2. Actually Math 204 was done together same class Prof. Tina Hohn. Had our desks together right up in front of hers, close. We had to hand in our weekly assignments with the solutions to problems arrived at by entirely different routes. I get a kick out of it. Most people have a hard time getting an answer let alone knowing you can find more than one way to them. Great fun! 


 No. My work was not done or discussed with anyone. It's entirely my own. It was pretty radical for a decade before desktop computers. I barely knew, you are just not playing with a full deck. That's mine and no it's NOT philosophy either.


Miss Susan's Lies day in at my material, she didn't know what Quantum Physics was and tossed and garbled it up in where they were accessing, unbeknownst to me. They then called it Philosophical Science. There is no such thing. She had no right to be doing that to anyone's work.


This is not anything to do with Teachers and never was. I guess she got in thru her Guru Mata Ji, HIndu TM and likely NASA glommed on, too. I could go on, but I'll spare you. This is NOT an academic program. And it's Quantum 5d Leap, aka Plunge by myself ONLY.


It has been developed over many solid years of working it, daily trained paints, lots of decoding and following it around, with intel, and the Military accessing. Nowadays, it's pretty much skewed and trashed by too many phonies. Hence trying to get it cleaned up. 

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not wowsy? yeah it was, 17 yrs out, no prerequisites just my own  creative hypershift (old term) visuals; go ahead, try to get in...hint: there is no math in unclassified. I was given my credits for Calculus 202 & 204 signed in of course. The Almighty Equivalent. Continued in Bach of Science.

Also, this is not a language, Noam Chomsky, Prof linguistics MIT, USA, and his former student (J. Lumpsden), I went out with one summer was before he went to MIT. There was no discussion on my own work, again nothing to do with him, or language. 

Quantum 5d Plunge used to be Leap, is not an Academic program. But you need some University courses in Science if you have future ideations of becoming a Stargate. This was the former updated modern high tech 5d Stargate Reconnaissance. Accessed continuously by the Military and intel. No sister, No TM. Yeah we tossed the name ...completely. cut free...Now just Quantum 5d Plunge. REMOTE INTEL XXX  very phht phht.


There is no diploma for Stargate. The training is internal/ESP extreme, gruelling, takes years solid, done by Military and intel. If they take you? you will know.... 

ok here are a couple of examples of Astronomy high marks...if you need more than that you're just being silly.


And, below that is the paper giving me my credits for Calculus 202 and 204, Faculty of Science; they were taken as Unclassified. hint there is no math in unclassified. It was signed in by the Chairman of the Math Dept, based on my own creative work on hypershift visuals. Hypershift as I already pointed out was a very old term, not used now. I was in University Math without pre-requisites. Unheard of. Go ahead...try to get in without them..

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Oronteus Finaeus maps: example of how Royals *France this time,  are known to steal work, check out the Finaeus Maps. Look it up, the experts had it as same place just ice shifting around. Apparently the Explorer didn't notice he did both the North and South poles. Indisputable.

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