Stargate Recon/1st 5th = Remote Intel

PSYCHIC TRAINED BY MILITARY/ Intel security back up tips Black ops, precog cutting edge ESP brings you Bad Days Baghdad & the Mars Claim. On the job training, like being tossed into an ESP camp in the middle of their ditch fight. This was the remote viewing typed script we used for tips (mostly the real time raw material is omitted.) with large chunks tossed out as fast as we could to put it up into the public sphere! We were enemy infiltrated and deep secret ops, it turned bad fast and we were told to surface and surface fast. Nothing we could do but put this up with a title and off we were, chopped up and as is, this is partially what real remote viewing intel looks like in a rather off-normal fashion. We have codes and words that mean other, just like in WWII THE Navajo Code Talkers helping the Marines, sworn to 20 years secrecy. It's hard gruelling training, full time immersion, isolation discipline. This is a fascinating glimpse into what was being worked during that tumultuous hostile time. Enemy all over us now, they were mostly concentrated overseas at the time. The development of the Quantum 5d Leap security back up work for the Star Trail began with the early work of the Extreme Stargate, then morphed into Open Stargate and Stargate Recon. This black ops is now ditching that over enemy infiltration and foul treatment and working as Future Ops: Dept of Mutant Paranormal Research, with the one the only the original creative talent and trained ESP precog remote viewer, known as 1st 5th. wow