rat on cdn Mind Farm

NOTE: don't read this if you are squeamish! The upper hoities have buried all the accomplishments and discovery. Tried to, doing it so far. Big block buster movies, my work, not a single mention. Nothing in credits. Ingo Swann a former Stargate (Military) got all his credits, in public. They lost the funding they were supposed to give rv it's due credit. Instead they are now working it as another horrific agent orange on our own side. Developing what? Slavery, Forced Labour, and theft of intellectual and other property! And not one drop of law to help even it out. Nada. NASA set it up that way. Now they are off the charts for not making any sense. Too many 'mind control' tools run on themselves? Running the 'relatives' as if they are me. Excuse me? what's that for? some pathetic what you do we do back at you I suppose. The relatives for 'theory of relativity'? They have the fraternal twin set up trashing and hacking for about a year now, in where? at her fraternity, of course. Duh. Not much left of freedom here, they have invaders taking over Canada. Just pounding on my spine when I go to the store, using sonics to force me to walk hunched over, calling me a 'hunch over'. Get it? great enemy Fun Time huh Trudeau and Snotley .. Looks like they might be involved in setting up NK to want to nuke. Maybe after they hit DC they will retaliate on Ottawa. Damn, a tortured Slave can only hope, eh?