Early 2006 I was recruited and trained for work on Hypershift Visuals *please note then it was early  work, continuously updated, always in development, as Quantum 5d Leap under the Stargate program, with Military and other security/intel ops doing the training. The training is extensive and gruelling ESP training along with digital enhancement, and takes 2-3 solid years worth of training. This is an immersion, isolation discipline working with a trained psychic focus, on security back up tips and remote intelligence. Along with the occasional MI:8, I am currently known as Quantum 5d Leap, a SOLO Ops working as Remote Intel XXX

This is a deep black ops, and is not an academic/linked program

Ontario student, grade 11, then skipped to University 1st year. Later, after 17 yrs out, I was admitted by the Chairman of the Math Dept, U of A, based on my own creative work on Hypershift visuals (4d then as 5d Quantum)

into the Math program, without prerequisites, after

which I was admitted into Science, with full credit for Calculus 202 & 204, then Astronomy with an 8 out of 9 and Algebra and Physics. To go with courses in Philosophy and one 3rd year extra credit course by the Chairman of the Art Dept. I had two philosophy courses earlier at Brock U, St. Catherines Ont, one Eastern one Western and later at U of Alberta, was briefly in a graduate philosophy course on mental imagery. I was in Science not Arts & Humanities; getting some background  Math, Astronomy and Physics, as well as being a life long creative Artist.

Reading a truck load or two of sci fi.

The Military had a need, and when they did their equivalent of phtt phtt as in XXX, I did the Leap to Quantum and 5d. SOLO & linked 'silent talk'. for intel.

Original Art
-Award for 'The Point' from SOHO,NY gallery
-Award for ANCIENT
'outstanding achievement in poetry'
by Editor
Stained Glass,
College Certificate Ont.
-original designs
Remote Views
-Mars first surface with Rover match to precog RV
-Phoenix Lander race ESP v>c
 Coalition Iraq/Afghan
-Covered troops heads in vehicles
-Surge assist
-CounterT.(since 2006)
-hvt id confirms
Spec Ops
-rescue Capt Phillips
-original formula for his location & black ops assist/termination of Osama bin Laden, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Earth Saves
-BP well
critical fix components
long thin & cable splitter
Japan Nuke disaster
-run cold water
-robots (now used)
-security assist
DISCOVERY *There Be Urim
-large ancient Arks
1st 5th aka Zombie Rat & NAVY/SEAL/Marines/Sailor
-cartouche wall
-RV  (Remote Viewing) by Quantum 5d Leap visuals show in ancient language/brush strokes
- Orontius Finaeus 'poles' map match
*no one is remote guiding me; 'in their blood' is absurd.
Quantum Leap is also  not supernatural
**ops has nothing to do with 'remote viewed'*** there is no vibing  no manifesting no telekinetics
***I am NOT a medium nor a Ghost Hunter
I am NOT a Witch and there is NO singing involved this is
QUANTUM 5th Dimension LEAP
...geez anyone else?
SKILL SET includes:
-brush work
-chi brush
Remote Viewing
-psychic empathy
-Quantum Leap
visuals & script
-Quantum Window
-esp paints
-I Ching