Early 2006 I was recruited and trained for work on Hypershift Visuals as Quantum 5d Leap under the Stargate program, (not a University program) with Military and other security/intel ops doing the training. The training is extensive and gruelling ESP training along with digital counterpart, and takes 2-3 solid years worth of training. This is an immersion, isolation discipline working with a trained psychic focus, on security back up tips and remote intelligence. Along with the occasional MI:8, I am currently known as Quantum 5d Leap, a SOLO Ops working as Remote Intel XXX

Please note this is not an academic nor linked to, program or ops.

Ontario student, grade 11, then skipped to University 1st year. Later, after 17 yrs out, I was admittedby the Chairman of the Math Dept, U of A, based on my own creative work on Hypershift visuals,

into the Math program, without prerequisites, after

which I was admitted into Science, with full credit for Calculus 202 & 204, then Astronomy with an 8 out of 9 and Algebra and Physics. To go with courses in Philosophy and one 3rd year extra credit course by the Chairman of the Art Dept. I had two philosophy courses earlier at Brock U, St. Catherines Ont, one Eastern one Western and later at U of Alberta, was briefly in a graduate philosophy course on mental imagery. I was in Science not Arts & Humanities; getting some background  Math, Astronomy and Physics, as well as being a life long creative Artist.

Reading a truck load or two of sci fi.

The Military had a need, and when they did their equivalent of phtt phtt as in XXX, I did the Leap to Quantum and 5d. SOLO & linked 'silent talk'. for intel.



Quantum 5d Leap

SKILL SET includes:
-brush work
-chi brush
Remote Viewing
-psychic empathy
-Quantum Leap
visuals & script
-Quantum Window
-esp paints
-I Ching
Original Art
-Award for 'The Point' from SOHO,NY gallery
-Award for ANCIENT
'outstanding achievement in poetry'
by Editor
Stained Glass,
College Certificate Ont.
-original designs
Remote Views
-Mars first surface with Rover match to precog RV
-Phoenix Lander race ESP v>c
 Coalition Iraq/Afghan
-Covered troops heads in vehicles
-Surge assist
-CounterT.(since 2006)
-hvt id confirms
Spec Ops
-rescue Capt Phillips
-original formula for his location & black ops assist/termination of Osama bin Laden, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Earth Saves
-BP well
critical fix components
long thin & cable splitter
Japan Nuke disaster
-run cold water
-robots (now used)
-security assist
DISCOVERY *There Be Urim
-large ancient Arks
1st 5th aka Zombie Rat & NAVY/SEAL/Marines/Sailor
-cartouche wall
-RV  (Remote Viewing) by Quantum 5d Leap visuals show in ancient language/brush strokes
- Orontius Finaeus 'poles' map match
*my sister is not guiding me, and 'in their blood' is a scam;
Quantum Leap is also  not supernatural
** This ops has nothing to do with 'remote viewed'
*** there is no vibing