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Gunung Padang match to MARS
MARS hancock outlined areas page.jpg
mars white strange stuff page - Copy - Copy.jpg
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Excerpts from "Ancient Apocalypse'  by Graham Hancock Nov.2022 on Netflix Note: these are of course my own interpretations with the odd other person also pitching in with ideas..yes the odd time not much,  you can scoop a free pdf with these ancient site pages in it,

 'DEEP X' link top of homepage.

Ancient by p. griesbach

Award for Outstanding Achievment in Poetry

by /Editor.


  TIED UP/HELD    perhaps for  *EXHIBIT    * GAMES    *FEEDING


 -Cephalopods * Dinosaurs  * Prehistoric *Inter Galactic

- creatures pens/pets/games?


- dinos side view front and rear leg, large block wall

  shows resting head on top of slab/stake

- brachy dinos with head rests

- creature exhibit  & audience areas, show and tell 

- Cephalopod 'beak' marker (sea monster)/tied up

- Nauticals, ropes, ....

- large cats' rests

- creepy slithery trails

ancient creatues tied cubicles tall.jpg
ancient creatures tied pg1.jpg
Ancient Apocalypse dino wall page.jpg
ancient dino wall pg 2.jpg
dino rock peg holder.jpg
book of kells ancient stake page.jpg
man made cows led to rope.jpg
prehistoric rope line cattle tied show & tell
Ancient ROPE TRUSS SHEATH page - Copy.jpg
ancient tied up page.jpg
Mexico dino head down rest page.jpg
Dino long neck NOONE page.jpg
Alien IG POSTER.jpg
SIRIUS winter triangle page.jpg
dinosaur painting israel hit syria nukes place - Copy.jpg
Dino - original oil/canvas 16" x 20" p. griesbach 1998
remote view material - note black squared or block tip, shape under head
and rows of blocks under the tail (dino outline/tracing)
ancient cats well Ggantija page.jpg
ancient cat fights snake page.jpg
my little mammoth.jpg

'My Little Mammoth' original oil/canvas 

by artist - p.griesbach 

2001  10'x12" 

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