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Remote Intel is a deep black Psychic ops trained by Military/intel extensively, accessed continuously, back up tips, with psychic paintings.  Psychic abilities include Quantum Leap, precognition and psychic empathy. Tons of examples on site. Also free .pdf ebooks, and kindle available. Ongoing Star Trail adventures and discoveries. Not covered by modern media! Catch a glimpse into the fascinating and dangerous realm of Deep Black - PSYCHIC. 

I was originally told this ops was Patriotic Duty and Public Service. Ghosted after Snowden's NSA rat piece.. A tad difficult in these times with the CIA brainwashing subliminals, and the NSA subbed and dubbed imagery and audio they're abusing the populace with. Scary times.

Remote Intel is 5d, v>c, t=0 confirmed, and in ongoing development.

I use 'silent talk' in modern terms you would likely call it mind-link *Pentagon/NSA. I am a real deep black Psychic ops *Precognition,and  psychic empathy for the emotes in the trained psychic paints. The relatives are apparently into a non psychic meditation, chi etc.  endeavour, . There is no TM or chi  etc, here and not connected to me, this is a Solo at times used for black-on-black. extensively enhanced and internally programmed psychic ops. I am not a lay person or a warrior. To clear up any confusion. 

Mrs Susan Scott aka 'miss sue' was a hindu radical convert red dot forehead
TM guru swammi Mata Ji stole title Stargate/Quantum Leap(s)
none of them are Psychic this is a Psychic ops! no witches or devils
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someone tell the UK King us Canucks don't have no stinkin' king! nice try!!


Statute of Westminster, 1931

- Canada is fully Autonomous since 1982

- Canada does NOT have Sovereign Royals 

  we do NOT have a King of Canada  

here is an excerpt from an online article:

Statute of Westminster 1931 NO UK.jpg
KING UK ONLY not canada.jpg
WIGWAMs cool huh *online search scoop **can't wait for the Plastic Bark Prefab Unit
summer camp long house.webp
delaware native indian.jpg
early native geodesic.jpg
early Geodesics
black pit houses tree branch hut.jpg
BLACK PIT fron branches (online)
Rugged Life cover.jpg
deer rabbit gatherings woods page sound.jpg
...they know you're coming ...
leviticus goat joke.jpg
could be the early roots of HYMNS as 'the goat was known as HIM'
or, 'It wasn't me, it was HIM'
DIGI to use page.jpg
interpol mr robot McAfee no zoop- 87k.jpg
RAT bulletin tag.jpg
Idaho stabbing killer page - DISPOSABLE ASSET KILLER.jpg
idaho eye squared cold war UK poster.jpg
Psychic Sketch Artist - precog by pg/Space Cmdr
pony express page.jpg
coonts deep black page.jpg
real black ops use 'silent talk' not to be confused with mime
patty  irish wee people baseball shrimp page.jpg
yes, I am reading your mind right now and will send it to you ...let me know eh?
scoliosis excerpt.jpg
I have scoliosis with harrington rods; I use both sides of my brain
birth records sue premie sm.jpg
Ms Scott is NOT my biological twin, we're fraternal; she was in an incubator
so like she's not all there, eh; not sure what your excuse is!
sorry about that, the relatives have some ongoing delusion what they do is what I do
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