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April 30 2021

I was originally told this ops was Patriotic Duty and Public Service. Ghosted after Snowden's NSA rat piece.. A tad difficult in these times with the CIA brainwashing subliminals, and the NSA subbed and dubbed imagery and audio they're abusing the populace with. And how about those 'influenced killers' aka berserkers they were 'running'. Real Super stuff, real Villains.

Quantum Leap is 5d, v>c, t=0 confirmed, and in ongoing development. Quantum Leap aka Quantum Plunge now, uses Quantuim Principles, ie: time leaps, psychic codes, psychic empathy and psychic precognition, and is highly trained for years solid; this  is not 3d nor a language.  

Someone has also written in, so I am told all the time these days, that I have asthma. I have never had any asthma or breathing problems. My younger sister has serious asthma in and out of hospitals as a kid, and on a puffer/inhaler her adult life. She is a paranoid schizophrenic sadly enough. Seems to have been an attempt to work that in as moi. I'm fine, and completely cleared that I am not nor was I, any nut.  Thanks.

update Nov 7 2021 - there are no relatives doing this; they're a scam. There is no Chi, it's not supernatural it's a highly trained deep black ops. If you want to know how, you'll have to find the Neuroscientists.


The Royals of the UK are just plain nutty at this point. Canada is not part of the British Commonwealth, since we gained our Independence and our own flag. There is no Witchcraft, no Witches, no Devils or Demons.

Daz Smith of the UK can not remote view someone as arrested. There is NO Court Docket. see further down this page, I've included a couple of old emails, he didn't even know what this was. 

Also, further down are a few examples of the books Magic Eye, they have the awesome 2d to 3d most people are familiar with nowadays. No one thinks it's 'magic' that's just being colorful. It's a great example of visual other than our normal day to day visuals. They take focus and know how to see. No 'magic'.

The trained psychic codes of Quantum Leap aka Quantum Plunge, also take focus and know how to decode for understanding in their own context, along with pertinent material from Intel sources.


No relatives are doing this in any way, they seem to have been greatly misled. No speed is involved, no mime, no song...there is a long list going on these days with a lot of chicanery and charlatans. Really people, get a life! Find something else to do with your time. Or, if that's what you want? Fine. But stop doing it on top of me. 

Zombie Rat aka 1st 5th *used to be also, First Viewer 5th Dimension NOW aka 15ZR


SEE OLDER MATERIAL ON QUANTUM 5D UP AT CERN 20 YEARS AGO by Loup/etc. below....Loup and Ameen the winner of the Max Planck physics award had links up to their material on my earlier website. There was a lot of other material on 5th Dimension at CERN back in those days. I made the leap to the 5th easy. 

p.griesbach aka 15ZR
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admitted into Science no prerequsites/after 17 yrs out
based on my own creative work on hyperspace visuals *example below
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Note: Since I was working Quantum tips at the time. unusually busy as well,  this email was written with the English not in, nor supposed to be in, proper grammatical form.

*** Update:

-Movie stars were doing promotional material back then; there isn't much Phantom Ops these days. See some of the older books for their promo pages for Open Stargate, later known as Stargate Recon..

-This ops is currently called Remote Intel: Quantum Plunge. 

-Necro Ho (mostly jokes) is not available.

-ebooks are at Amazon.ca Kindle and this website.

-Site 'nuts4mars' is gone.

-Ingo Swann one of the early Stargate program preceding this ops, is deceased.. 

Not sure where he was getting his information from!
Daz Smith UK 'Remote Viewed' insists I am viewed as arrested; Supreme Court Canada said NO Court Docket; I'm not a legal prisoner
...definitely SEAL's widget..not UK & no relatives.
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apparently they're going there by the thousands, the park rangers had to do more trails, more outhouses, whole list of more to do!  Nordegg, on the edge of it, is a Ghost town with hotels, library, golf course. 

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