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April 30 2021

I was originally told this ops was Patriotic Duty and Public Service. Ghosted after Snowden's NSA rat piece.. A tad difficult in these times with the CIA brainwashing subliminals, and the NSA subbed and dubbed imagery and audio they're abusing the populace with. And how about those 'influenced killers' aka berserkers they were 'running'. Real Super stuff, real Villains.

Quantum Leap is 5d, v>c, t=0 confirmed, and in ongoing development. Quantum Leap aka Quantum Plunge now, uses Quantuim Principles, ie: time leaps, psychic codes, psychic empathy and psychic precognition, and is highly trained for years solid; this  is not 3d nor a language.  

Someone has also written in, so I am told all the time these days, that I have asthma. I have never had any asthma or breathing problems. My younger sister has serious asthma in and out of hospitals as a kid, and on a puffer/inhaler her adult life. She is a paranoid schizophrenic sadly enough. Seems to have been an attempt to work that in as moi. I'm fine, and completely cleared that I am not nor was I, any nut.  Thanks.

ZOMBIE RAT aka 1st 5th

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QUANTUM 5d visuals require specialized psychic training by Military and intel; takes many gruelling solid full time years. Not easy.

The excerpt from Magic Eye below relates to the stereographics people are familiar with. The visuals can do a unique 2d to 3d visual leapI

Well known that not all people can do it! Quantum is 5d not 2 -3, and it also is not something all people can readily wrap their minds around..

Magic Eye by Tom Baccei & Cheri Smith  www.magiceye.com  books amazon.ca .

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you can buy them from Amazon.ca online


check out this beauty floating island, online at amazon.ca ...with a few versions
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pizza oven gas does buns etc too....

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more scoops from online mostly kijiji.ca and amazon.ca and Pinterest for more Off Grids

the lodge here is $15,000 cdn to be moved.


the wee cabin above they build for you and do outhouses too....

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