April 30 2021

my wordpress blog is being blocked from going public. two Singh Sikhs in Canada doing Hyde and Sikh for the UK Royals and US 'New England' take over .... one is Harjit Singh Sajjan, radical Muslim head of Canadian Military, the other is a politician, radical Muslim Jagmeet Singh head of NDP New Democrat Party, runs Edmonton, Alberta. well looks like they're attempting Sing Sing on me. Wonder who else they have as their Prisoners? 

They hit inner ears with Sonics too, nasty. They had an illegal 'truss' on me for 5 years; told to take it off. Someone has them back in at it, tearing at my leg. badly...apparently they can rupture it doing what they're doing.

Here is a copy of one of the recent entries they're blocking: cleared by AISH paid for the DSM-IV as 'creative talent' as well as my personal physician over 25 yrs, as having 'no mental illness'. Dirty paper up the wazoo but also exculpatory that ends it. 

Susan Scott married Gordon Scott in India *same TM the Beatles went to. ** Mata Ji is fraternal twin sister Susan's Guru; they attack me constantly. 

I was originally told this ops was Patriotic Duty and Public Service. No pay, now into year 16 and all they do is phoney relatives, other hoaxters and in attacking abusing me 'wanting me in living hell' is how they put it. 

Seems to be conceited idiots, over their own desire for Witches, Devils, Demons, manifestation, catalyst, telekinetics etc. There is no such thing here. 

Quantum Leap is 5d, v>c, t=0 confirmed, and in ongoing development. Quantum Leap aka Quantum Plunge now, uses Quantuim Principles, ie: time leaps, psychic codes, psychic empathy and psychic precognition, and is highly trained for years solid; this  is not 3d nor a language.  

See 'About the Artist'' on this site for more info about myself and this ops' many accomplishments. 

I am not a legal prisoner; I hear they have purjured themselves with a phoney in absentia court trial, there was no such thing and as a Canadian we all know there is no Secret Law and no one can take intel as a Secret Law Prisoner! duh 

I have gone for decades of my life without smoking any pot at all, now as a Senior I am smoking $7.- per week legal in Canada. I don't drink other than too many hot chocolates. Yup with mini marshmallows and chocolate syrup. 

There is no paranormal spooky stuff here at all it's mostly boring military mudflaps practice and deep ops intel; I help the Military when they do Tomahawk Cruise Missiles etc. There are enough ebooks on my site you would just need to scroll a few to get the hang of what we do so far as remote viewing. I work intel, with Quantum visuals there is no Ed Dames predictions or Gerald O'Donnell vibing, they are the old 3d, this ops here is the new 5d version.  The space ship paints were done 30 years ago and more. 

They have also written in, so I am told all the time these days, that I have asthma. I have never had any asthma or breathing problems. My younger sister has serious asthma in and out of hospitals as a kid, and on a puffer/inhaler her adult life. She is a paranoid schizophrenic lives with her hubby in the East; Susan went to same school hung out with her. Pretty obvious they try to confuse the nut that she knows, as if it's me. I am not on any medication nor am I supposed to be. Psychic is not 'mental'. Sylvia Browne, untrained for military, but a well known and respected psychic Clairvoyant gets paid $650. per hour. 

I think you should knock off the phoney relatives spiel, all the rest of the bs and stop the torture. OR PAY UP. ....yelp yelp $%^&UYHJ flug

there is no  law or military under the Apes in Canada. no freedom no human decency.

there is an Ape MUSLIM MULLAH tearing my leg it's the middle of the night; they're ranting about the British Royals and 'New England', I am not in a British country, they are invading. Rich creeps. Hitting my ears with Sonics....

ZOMBIE RAT aka 1st 5th 


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May 1 2021 I have sent flying electronics to the heads of all the Witches in North America! American Council of Witches.... be wary ... very wary ....

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wee A frame swing door see thru for SOLA
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check out these OFF GRIDS lots at pinterest and youtube seems to be what's hot these days! 

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Big Horn natural wilderness Park Alberta, Canada SW of Edmonton, seems to be one hot spot ....Nordegg Ghost town (3 hotels, golf course, library)...Little Beaver Lake nearby