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April 30 2021

I was originally told this ops was Patriotic Duty and Public Service. No pay, now into year 16 and all they do is phoney relatives, other hoaxters and in attacking abusing me 'wanting me in living hell' is how they put it. Working on clearing that up. A tad difficult in these times with the CIA brainwashing subliminals, and the NSA subbed and dubbed imagery and audio they're abusing the populace with. And how about those 'influenced killers' aka berserkers they were 'running'. 

Seems to be conceited idiots, over their own desire for Witches, Devils, Demons, manifestation, catalyst, telekinetics etc. There is no such thing here. *I informed the American Council of Witches and there is no Witch craft here on my site. Ditto for the TM lady, that the Military gave grant money to, there is NO TM here and she confirmed that she went thru my site to make sure, because she has the Registered Trademark for it. Yup, no TM. The relatives seem to be some upper hoitie bs, trying to cover they felonious and way creepy things they do to us, their 'lab rats' and 'ants at their picnic' would be another way of putting it. 


Seems Uk is mad for it ...some kind of Potter hang over....ignore them comes to mind.

Quantum Leap is 5d, v>c, t=0 confirmed, and in ongoing development. Quantum Leap aka Quantum Plunge now, uses Quantuim Principles, ie: time leaps, psychic codes, psychic empathy and psychic precognition, and is highly trained for years solid; this  is not 3d nor a language.  

See 'About the Artist'' on this site for more info about myself and this ops' many accomplishments. 

I am not a legal prisoner; I hear they have purjured themselves with a phoney in absentia court trial, there was no such thing and as a Canadian we all know there is no Secret Law and no one can take intel as a Secret Law Prisoner! duh 

I have gone for decades of my life without smoking any pot at all, now as a Senior I am smoking $7.- per week legal in Canada. I don't drink other than too many hot chocolates. Yup with mini marshmallows and chocolate syrup. 

There is no paranormal spooky stuff here at all it's mostly boring military mudflaps practice and deep ops intel; I help the Military when they do Tomahawk Cruise Missiles etc. There are enough ebooks on my site you would just need to scroll a few to get the hang of what we do so far as remote viewing. I work intel, with Quantum visuals there is no Ed Dames predictions or Gerald O'Donnell vibing, they are the old 3d, this ops here is the new 5d version.  The space ship paints were done 30 years ago and more. 

They have also written in, so I am told all the time these days, that I have asthma. I have never had any asthma or breathing problems. My younger sister has serious asthma in and out of hospitals as a kid, and on a puffer/inhaler her adult life. She is a paranoid schizophrenic lives with her hubby in the East; Susan went to same school hung out with her.

update may 13, ok that should keep some of them off of me for a bit anyway. See further down for Escape Podism ideas and great where to run to suggestions! 

Update: June 11, 2021 

Seems to be a faction that's done too much donkey glue....they're ranting about the relatives as if that makes them 'me'; they want me the volunteer, to be 'their westmoreland'  that's the prisoner in a tv show on Netflix, called Prison Break, ....Bieber, another one, did the prisons in the USA. 

In case you missed the connection the TM Maharishi Yogi is the same one the UK Beatles used. Yup, Singing. Two of the relatives did TM one in the East one in the West. And one is a Singer!

Cdn head of Military is a Singh Sikh, and the leader of the NDP party is a Singh Sikh. Singh Singh. 

So, they want to force me *that's them doing it not me, force me to be TM and a Singer. Last night they told me I would have been paid if I was a Singer. Wow 

REMOTE INTEL XXX IS AN EXTENSIVELY TRAINED DEEP BLACK OPS,  solo and not connected to these interlopers in any way other than their continued harassment and hijacking attempts. 

ZOMBIE RAT aka 1st 5th 



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 online scoop selection June 2021....1,680/00  Cdn

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check out this beauty floating island, online at ...with a few versions
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QUANTUM 5d visuals require specialized psychic training by Military and intel; takes many gruelling solid full time years. Not easy.

The excerpt from Magic Eye below relates to the stereographics people are familiar with. The visuals can do a unique 2d to 3d visual leapI

Well known that not all people can do it! Quantum is 5d not 2 -3, and it also is not something all people can readily wrap their minds around..

Magic Eye by Tom Baccei & Cheri Smith  books .

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I have idiopathic scoliosis and use both sides of my brain. Below is my Grade 3 report card with straight As I had that one other time as well. None of my relatives is me and they are certainly not with some kind of witch blood! They are not a deep black ops and that's enough bullshit to fill a McDonalds with the TM and Witches and Supernatural and other bs they're doing with the relatives. 

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note - I also had lots of 100s taking Calculus at University...along with >35 yrs Creative Artist  and award winning Poetry

now if you are all thru, no, the relatives are not me that's just pathetic if you ask me, they're embarrassing, nutty and whatever but they are most certainly

not me.


I am a highly trained Deep Black Ops, with accomplishments. Duh.

that said, maybe there are many more sensitive and psychically attuned these days. After all, that Church Inquisition where they burned psychics as Witches stopped being allowed to ages ago. And with the modern digital advancements...sure more people are going to be finely tuned in! 

Happy Mind Meld 

My work was done entirely by myself. Alone. Example, 'Star Script' authored by myself in 1983, Barrie, Ont. Canada.  A good ten years before desktop computers and the internet. Finished off after the training by the Military for Quantum Leap as 5D, starting in 2006. A couple of years after going online in 2004. My first online site had links to work up at CERN by Loup '....macrocosmic spacetime shortcut' and credits to Dr. Rudolph v.b. Rucker,  for included items such as the Necker Cube diagram from his wee book Geometry, Relativity, and the 4th Dimension' as well asl links to the winner of the Max Planck award in Physics for new light theory, Dr. Sayeed Ameen


I did the Leap to Quantum and the 5th, and was trained by Military and Intel as such, and always in development.



***As an attempt to clear up more  of the confusion following this ops, below are some emails by miss susan to moi,  obviously she is not part of this ops and never was.

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