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Deep Black Psychic Ops, **silent talk
Psychic trained by Military/intel since 2006; SOLO ops
Myst cover.jpg
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kindle not he photo.jpg
kindle persistence photo.jpg
pen-names- 15ZR/ZombieRat/FirstViewer5thD

REMOTE INTEL (accessed/NSA) 

psychic Space Cmdr p. griesbach 

knights cover sm - Copy.jpg
Stranger Who Charmed  ART sm.jpg
Stranger Who Charmed...
Generals *skype sample **Silent Talk
skype Carter Ham.jpg
skype gen caldwell.jpg
skype petraeus.jpg
Wartime access frontlines - Generals, Adm. etc.

Sec. Def. Donald Rumsfeld 2006

Gen Peter Pace 2006 & top head cover

Gen Raymond Odierno -pre Surge/Iraq

Gen David H. Petraeus -Surge,  head of Cent Com. head of Military then CIA Chief

General William B Caldwell !V -Army

Gen Carter Ham  African Com -

Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.

Gen Rick Hillier Cdn -*blanks 

Gen Stanley McChrystal

Joint Chief Staff Adm Mike Mullen

Gen John Campbell *Screaming Eagles

Gen Norton Schwarz - Marines

Adm McRaven -'Make Your Bed'

Gen Sean MacFarland

Sec Def Robert Gates

Gen Casey

10th Mountain


Delta Force

Pentagon - HVT confirms /intel

Air Force - high altitude etc.

skype Pace Campbell.jpg

First surface photos of Mars

2006 with Swann, via JPL fax.

- Race  to surface of Mars

psychic 15ZR (aka 1st 5th)

with Phoenix Lander -

confirmed v>c' 

-SpaceTimeLight both

Space Light and Time Light 

*Quantum esp

Mega Disasters

BP deep water Horizon fix *long thin

and cable splitter both critical fix


Fukushimo, Japan nuclear plant 

- cracked coolant tower *run cold water over hot rods


Hayden, Brennan, Petraeus, Morell,

Bolten, Haspell,..

assorted other slitherings.

Top Cover idea by P. Griesbach applied by Gen.Peter Pace -Bad Days '06 Baghdad
top cover credit page Pace.jpg
The Point art award page.jpg
dehavilland site page star captain.jpg