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scroll across gallery above, then down this page for more
ESPERT trained by Military/intel since 2006
Sensitive ESP visuals *Adjust ZOOM when needed
Myst cover.jpg
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kindle persistence photo.jpg
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Generals *skype sample **Silent Talk
Wartime access frontlines - Generals, Adm. etc.
skype Carter Ham.jpg
skype gen caldwell.jpg
skype petraeus.jpg
skype Pace Campbell.jpg

Sec. Def. Donald Rumsfeld

Gen Peter Pace

Gen Raymond Odierno

Gen David H. Petraeus

General William B Caldwell !V

Gen Carter Ham  African Com -

Tomahawk Cruise Missiles.

Gen Rick Hillier Cdn

Gen Stanley McChrystal

Joint Chief Staff Adm Mike Mullen

Gen John Campbell *Screaming Eagles

Gen Norton Schwarz

Adm McRaven

Gen Sean MacFarland

Sec Def Robert Gates

Gen Casey

10th Mountain


Delta Force

Pentagon - HVT confirms

Air Force - high altitude


Hayden, Brennan, Petraeus, Morell,

Bolten, Haspell,...


First surface photos of Mars

2006 with Swann, via JPL fax.

- Race  to surface of Mars

psychic 15ZR (aka 1st 5th)

with Phoenix Lander -

confirmed v>c' 

-SpaceTimeLight both

Space Light and Time Light 

*Quantum esp

Mega Disasters

BP deep water Horizon fix *long thin

and cable splitter both critical fix


Fukushimo, Japan nuclear plant 

- cracked coolant tower *run cold water over hot rods

Top Cover idea by 15ZR applied by Gen.Peter Pace during wartime '06 Baghdad
top cover credit page Pace.jpg
First training paint 8"x10" by 15ZR in 2006
NAVY Cormorant and 2006 rv.jpgtemp.jpg
RT01 mobile living units page - Copy.jpg
dehavilland historical 15ZRl page.jpg
March 2022 FYI- make them show you identification
nutty relatives in trying to pass themselves off as me; I am pat griesbach aka 15ZR *68 yrs old - SOLO OPS
this ops uses precognition/esp-empathy, No predictions/vibing/manifestation/telekinetics/catalyst, they're a hoax
Psychic is not mysticism, astrology or meditation, no chi or magic and not bizarre chopped up English no whole family!
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chariot papyrus Pharaoh Hatshepsut 1400 BC.jpg
Pharaoh Hatshepsut remote view masterpiece
2nd papyrus GAMES.jpg
ESP Puddings slasher paws
predator jr video
watch video 'Predator Jr' (in video gallery above)
Predator Jr rv page.jpg
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HEXA LIF T air car.jpg
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Orontius Finaeus maps turned out to be N. & S. Poles! not the one pole with shifting ice they said; Stolen Maps!
Finaeus Map 1 page good - ARCTIC - Copy.jpg
coonts deep black NOTE page.jpg
antarctic fineuous map google match no test words.jpg
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sample of early remote view training paints 2006-7
ingo swann estate tweet sm.jpg
sun view mars.jpg
star ship da vinci page x redone - Optimus.jpg
alienssm - Copy.jpg
'my little aliens' original oil/canvas 1990s 16"x20" 15ZR
future starship.jpg
starship by 15ZR
me patty june 2010.JPG
math blue grey painting.jpg
copyright p.griesbach aka 15ZR (c) 2022
*anyone who wants to know if they could do this (with training by Military) try 'doing a rubicks cube/triangle blindfolded'
fast and more than once... Wow! QUANTUM ESP ...you can refer to the Snowden movie, starts off with a Rubicks cube behind his back!
also, the movie shows Snowden in a photo next to NSA/CIA Chief M. Hayden; my Gallery scroll top of this page has my Hayden hand signals/face
MARS latest & greatest by 15ZR
Mars balancing rock BATTLE page x.jpg
petrified wood page.jpg
proof of my ESP Quantum 5d reality
ps. the training is grueling you're not missing anything...
battke mars rv page - Copy.jpg
Marines striations rock layers page stars.jpg
Mars Marines battle rv page 2nd x.jpg
stealth patch long.jpg
Quantum Leap eyes.jpg